Alias Robotics has installed the Robot Immune System (RIS), a propietary cybersecurity solution for Robots, at TKNIKA's facilities.TKNIKA is a Basque research and Professional Education center focused on applied innovation. Supported by the Basque Government, it is the reference for basque professional training centers, serving as a benchmark for the wider Basque Professional Education ecosystem.


As a reflection of the Basque industry, TKNIKA always positions itself at the technological forefront. Basque professional training centers offer a degree in Automatization and Robotics. These centers use a didactic installation (SMC's SIF-400) replicating a real production line, which includes a Universal Robot UR3, where TKNIKA has installed RIS.


Following its philosophy of being a technology early adopter, TKNIKA is the first among many in introducing RIS as a cybersecurity solution in their training processes while also protecting their facilities, students, and employees. This installation demonstrates that RIS is able to work hand by hand with newest industrial technologies in an array of diferent setups.

As a world leading provider of Robot Cybersecurity services, Alias Robotics enters a new market segment and contributes to the adoption of the most advanced robot cybersecurity standars across the industry. The scheme of this partnership is expected to replicate fastly in the coming months. "We are proud of our participation in this improtant agreement, where other than opening an important new business line, we're contributing to the community. Our solution will help in the education and development of future employees, where skills related to connectivity, 5G, cybersecurity, etc. are going to be a must if we want to comply with coming Connected Industry requirements", says Alex Ander Arriola, COO at Alias Robotics.