The European Robotics Forum 2020 (ERF2020) will be held this year on 3-5 March in Málaga, where companies, universities and research institutes in the field of robotics will meet.

Alias Robotics could not miss the occasion to bring such an essential aspect as cybersecurity to the world of robotics. Therefore, our team will participate hosting the Cybersecurity For Robotics (CS4R) Workshops, where robot-related cybersecurity topics will be discussed.

The CS4R Workshop will be happening on 3rd March at 14pm.The session will be divided in two main parts, planned as follows:

CS4R Part I (14 - 15:30pm)

Alias Robotics will welcome the first workshop, that will deal with Cybersecurity challenges in Robotics and will provide a deep insight and discussion about potential cyber-risks the robotics ecosystem is facing. The session will be finished with a roundtable in which open Q&A to the public will be shared.


CS4R Part II (16:15- 17:45pm)

The second part will be focusing towards approaches to providing cybersecurity for robotics, by looking into the responsibility of all those involved in the robotics value chain. There will be an initial debate with open Q&A to the public, also.


In Alias Robotics we work every day to raise awareness about the importance of bringing cyber security to the field of robotics, as the next generation of robots will be connected, either to each other, to industrial systems or to the Internet, what will come with huge risks in terms of cybersecurity.

This will be just another occasion for Alias’ team to go out there and help to secure the robots.