As anticipated by market trends, robot cybersecurity is rapidly growing and 2021 has consolidated our position as the world leading robot cybersecurity firm. As predicted by our CEO at the end of 2021Q1, Alias Robotics finished 2021 reporting an stunning 405% increase in sales.
New opportunities are present in the fields of service robots, drones, Autonomous Mobile Robots, healthcare and industrial manipulators due to both requirements on manufacturers to pursue an improved security position and match compliance requirements of their end users.

Robot cybersecurity sales boost

Robot cybersecurity demands are flourishing worldwide in the shape of professional services and our product (RIS) demands. Europe, USA and Asia are taking the lead of this sector, mimicking the figures of the robotization of different countries and societies.

The more robotized a society is, the more important cybersecurity becomes and the criticality associated with an incident rises significantly with more and more robots in our industries, public spaces, hospitals and even in our streets.

Endika Gil-Uriarte, Alias Robotics CEO

"Zero robot downtime"

Regarding market segmentation of the initiatives are yet purely industrial, since it's the largest robotics segment. The advent of norms and standards considering cybersecurity in robotics (European Machinery Directive, IEC 62443) have significantly pushed both manufacturers and end users, but also clients to seek for warrants for business continuity. End users can't just afford downtimes "since a minute arrest of a robotized process can amounts up to hundreds of thousand of EUR".

Alias' robot endpoint protection platform, RIS, supports business continuity by adding a layered security approach into robots.

Leading robot cybersecurity research internationally

Beyond sales figures, Alias Robotics continues to lead robot security research by speaking and publishing in the top security venues, demonstrating our team's capabilities. We contributed with the following pieces:

Event Talk Resources
BlackHat USA 2021 Small Wonder: Uncovering Planned Obsolescence Practices in Robotics and What This Means for Cybersecurity webpage, slides, whitepaper, video
Black Europe 2021 The Data Distribution Service (DDS) Protocol is Critical: Let's Use it Securely! webpage, slides
ROS-Industrial Conference Securing robots from research to the shopfloor video
ROS-Industrial Conference Breaking ROS2's security assumptions, targeting the top 6 DDS implementations video
ROS 2 Security Working Group Hacking the Data Distribution Service (DDS) video
IROS 2021 Security Practice and Design in Robotics workshop webpage

We also published the following new pieces of research papers:

Robot cybersecurity, a review
An Introduction to Robot System Cybersecurity
Robot teardown, stripping industrial robots for good

Industry synergies

Past cooperations have proved how RIS complements other security solutions in the market with providing dedicated robot security and visibility. This year, we are proud to have cooperated with the researchers and security teams from SecuriOT (Novotek Group), Telefónica Tech, TrendMicro, TxOne, as well as manufacturers such as ADLINK.

Keep posted for our next partnerships announcements and our activity in robot cybersecurity in 2022!

About Alias Robotics

Founded in 2018 by Víctor Mayoral-Vilches, Alias Robotics has become a leader in robotic cybersecurity solutions including its services, as well as its Robot Immune System (RIS), a cybersecurity product that’s incorporated into robots to protect them from the inside, as it evolves and adapts like the human immune system.

Headquarted in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Euskadi, Spain, the team behind Alias is made up of renowned robotics engineers, scientists and security researchers. Its customers include large automation companies, government institutions and large industrial robot users.

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