We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking achievement for Alias Robotics. The European Innovation Council (EIC) has handpicked us, along with just 42 other companies, out of a pool of 242 contenders and 1083 proposals from across Europe. This is not just a win for us, but a testament to the strength and innovation of our robot security solutions.


A triumph of trust and excellence to conquer a blue ocean market

The EIC's rigorous selection process, involving interviews with seasoned investors and entrepreneurs, has placed Alias Robotics among the elite. Our proposal stood out, earning the trust and high regard of the judging panel, making us one of the most highly valued companies in this esteemed cohort.

Endika Gil-Uriarte, CEO at Alias Robotics: "This achievement is a milestone and the begining of a new era for robot cybersecurity. The support provided by the EU trough EIC accelerator will be instrumental for Alias Robotics to conquer this blue ocean market".

Unveiling a new chapter

This substantial financial support from the EIC marks a pivotal moment in Alias Robotics' journey. It empowers us to accelerate our efforts in advancing robotic cybersecurity, fortifying our commitment to shaping a secure digital future. The significance of this achievement reverberates not only within our company but throughout the entire robotics and cybersecurity community.

What's next?

As we venture into this exciting new chapter, Alias Robotics is poised for unparalleled growth and innovation. Managed by EIC Fund, This significant funding injection, comprising 2.5M€ in grants and 5M€ in an investment round scheduled for early 2025, with the European Investment Bank committing 2.5M€ (50%), will propel our research, development, and go-to-market initiatives with top-tier project partners. Anticipate groundbreaking advancements and cutting-edge solutions resulting from this momentous opportunity.

Join us on this journey

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the European Innovation Council for recognizing the potential in our vision. We invite our partners, clients, and the entire Alias Robotics community to join us on this exhilarating journey. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of cybersecurity robotics and shape a safer digital landscape.

This is not just a win for Alias Robotics; it's a win for the future of cybersecurity in robotics.