Alias Robotics is glad to announce new times, which we start with new goals and stronger than ever.

We would like to welcome Endika Gil-Uriarte as our new Chief Executive Officer, who will be working hard to speed up the adoption of the Robot Immune System in the market. Endika has been involved in Alias Robotics in the very early days of the company. He has been working from the innovation and scientific development areas, as Chief Scientific Officer, and was strongly involved in the development of our Robot Immune System solution from its very early days.

He knows in depth the team, the vision and believes on making the robotic industry towards a secure place, which makes us confident that he is the right person to make us grow.

Endika holds a BSc in Biological Sciences and a Mundus Awarded MSc. Before joining Alias Robotics, he was a researcher in the field of biotechnology and worked in some of the most prestigious universities and research centres, in countries such as France, England, UK, Finland and more. Endika contributes actively to robotics standardization bodies, cybersecurity organizations and EU bound research has featured dozens of academic and industry publications. Endika is well connected in industry and a frequent speaker at national and international robotics and security forums.

"I am glad to take the challenge of bringing the work we developed with RIS for more than 2 years to the market. I believe, and Alias Robotics believes in secure robots being human companions in this era.”

Endika Gil-Uriarte in Alias Robotics' showroom

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Stay safe, stay secure.