The Spanish startup Alias Robotics is working to develop a chip that allows controlling the security of all types of 'bots' thanks to artificial intelligence. Original article published by Nerea Castro at Innovadores Magazine.

Who guarantees robots safety? The Spanish startup Alias ​​Robotics is trying to answer it with the creation of the first immune system for robots.

We speak with David Mayoral, CEO of the company.

"Currently, a whole new generation of robots is being conceived and designed to obtain a much greater autonomy than traditional robots,"

he explains. And as robotics intertwines with other technology areas such as cloud computing, data analysis or the Internet of Things, concerns grow.

Robot Immune System (RIS) wants to be your answer for this market: a chip that is integrated into the bots and guarantees its security with a constant updating system. "We are the only ones who are doing something like this," says Mayoral, thanks to a team made up of cybersecurity, robotics and computer engineers.

The project is still in the development phase and at the end of the year they expect to have five patents registered of the processes they are using to create this immune system.

"People have our immune system, composed of various layers that adapt to your environment. That's what we want to do with robots. That the security system adapts and understands all the information about what happens around the robot to respond accordingly, "explains the CEO. And in addition, to make the system capable of "responding in real time thanks to artificial intelligence, detecting anomalies and attacking them with different tools".

And precisely because of this adaptive capacity, "this goes beyond an antivirus for robots," insists Mayoral.

"An antivirus has a database with things that qualify as good or bad, while an immune system like that of people adapts to a changing environment. It is constantly analyzing new data and based on that, it is detected if there is an anomaly or not in the system".

The experience is one of the main values ​​that supports the development of this project. And is that the CEO and part of the team come from a more than successful company in the sector. The 3,000 euros that David and his brother raised in 2012 to build their previous project, Erle Robotics, turned into millions in 2016.

In addition to this, the company offers vulnerability detection services to companies that operate with robots. His team analyzes the systems of the companies that hire them to detect the vulnerabilities that otherwise "could be exploited by third parties".

With all these projects ongoing, Alias ​​Robotics, has been selected as one of the 100 finalist startups of the South Summit to be held next October.