Tuesday, July 7 2020
PX4 Developer Summit Virtual 2020

Today at 20:00 CEST our CTO, Víctor Mayoral Vilches, will be presenting a short evaluation of the current cybersecurity status of the PX4 autopilot on the PX4 Developer Summit Virtual 2020.

The session will be streamed ▶️ LIVE on Youtube . Don't miss out! And follow it via Twitter too with #PX4DevSummit.

Following a data-based approach and by comparing it with other existing open source solutions for drones, Víctor will briefly cover some of the cyber security flaws in the source code, make recommendations and proposals to improve the overall security. The speech will finish by covering the typical DevSevOps cycle in robotics and will launch some open questions on how this could be embedded into the PX4 dev. cycle.

Here's a preview of the threat model that will be explained during the presentation:

As a complement of the speech, 👉we are launching a poll to inquire on the cyber security requirements, opinions and desires of community members with regard PX4 Autopilot (including the flight stack, drivers and associated tooling). We invite you all to contribute filling the survey (takes just about 3min)!

If you wish to learn more or review the speech at your own pace, check out the slides of the speech: The cybersecurity status of PX4