BIND 4.0 is an acceleration program aimed at startups with tech products or services with application in Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Energy, Health Tech fields. A public-private initiative that promotes the development of promising industry 4.0 startups through training, mentorship, and connections to the main industrial players in the Basque Country. They have announced the 63 finalists of the program here.

Bind 4.0’s partners have selected 63 startups as finalists for our next Industry 4.0 acceleration program. Among them, Alias Robotics. Most of them are in the big data and IoT fields, though there are also many are doing additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, AI and AR/VR.

Medical devices, wearables, robotics, artificial vision, nanotechnology, electric vehicles and optical encoder solutions are also included. Most of them will come in two weeks to the Basque Industry 4.0 event in Bilbao, where they will show their projects and negotiate a supply contract with Bind 4.0’s partners. Only those that close a deal will be accepted in next year’s acceleration program.