The startup founded in 2018 in Vitoria (Spain) focuses on the area of ​​robotic cybersecurity. This seed round has been carried out by the team, the founders themselves and several private investors -among others, Baron Capital and Asider-.

Alias Robotics, which currently has a team of 15 professionals, was one of the winners at last year’s South Summit, the largest innovation event in Southern Europe. Moreover, recently, its founder and CEO David Mayoral has been named Forbes 30 Under 30 in Europe. At the moment, the startup has a year-end forecast that multiplies by 10 the closing of 2018. The funds of the investment will go to the final development of the product and the deployment of it in the international market.

A black box to protect the robots

Alias ​​Robotics has created a product for robotics that allows analyzing the behavior of robots, by identifying malfunctions, attacks or alterations in their behavior. It's called Blackbox. In parallel, Alias ​​is offering and consolidating its security consulting services for companies that use robots for their automation processes as well as for robotics manufacturers. Among them, some of the leaders in the field of robotic arms, such as Acutronic Robotics.

"Security for robotics remains a pending issue for the industrial sector, but many companies are already taking the lead and getting their robots analyzed to avoid threats from hackers. We address this need for cybersecurity with our services and products" says David Mayoral, CEO of Alias ​​Robotics.

Alias ​​Robotics - - is already starting conversations for the next round of funding in early September 2019, when it will open the door to new professional investors.

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